A Solid Foundation for Success

A Solid Foundation

In this sixth issue of The Apostrophe, we are pleased to share several key milestones that we have recently achieved. One of these milestones includes the completion of a complex international project in Augusta, GA. Our team successfully implemented our EPC project delivery model so that the Huntsman Corporation, a global manufacturer of chemicals, can now shift some of its production to their new plant in the United States. The completion of this project is a big win for O'Neal and the U.S. chemical industry.

I am also pleased to announce that O'Neal recently celebrated 40 years of business. This is a significant milestone for O'Neal, as we have adapted to industry change throughout the years in order to continue providing value to our clients. Some of the recent signs of our continual success and growth are the recent partnership with the Beck Group to start operations in Mexico, as well an expansion at our headquarters in Greenville, SC. With these monumental changes under way, I am excited to see what lies ahead.

While we continue to see our company grow and evolve, we continue to stay true to our core values, one of which is safety. Here at O'Neal, safety has always been one of our core values because we believe our people are our most valuable asset. To help protect and support our people, we have developed a process that involves key leaders of each project team to ensure that we have zero incidents at our job sites. In fact, our safety program was nationally recognized by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). 

Another way we help protect and support our people is by investing time, talent and treasure into the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) programs. New data shows that having STEM skills are highly valued by employers, which is why we contribute a portion of our profits towards these efforts.

I hope this issue of The Apostrophe helps you take a deeper look into O'Neal and can be used as a resource for you and your company.

Kevin Bean

President and CEO

O'Neal, Inc.