GE Energy

LNG Peak Shaver Facility

Client: GE Energy

Project: Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Peak Shaver Facility

Location: Greenville, SC

Delivery Method: EPC

Services Provided: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management

GE Energy's Research and Development and Testing Group utilizes large test cells at their Greenville, SC facility to evaluate large gas turbines for power generation fleets worldwide.  These test cells are being modified to test large platform turbines at full speed and full power.  The capacity of the plant's Natural Gas supply is not sufficient to support the upgrades to the test cells.  In order to satisfy demand, GE Energy's engineering and test groups have decided to install a peak shaving Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) gas plant.  Natural Gas will be liquefied, stored, and vaporized to supplement the current gas flow and allow full speed/full power gas turbine testing.  This project includes engineering design, equipment procurement and construction of the facility that includes the following equipment:

  • Front End Gas Treatment
  • LNG Liquefaction/LIN refrigeration cycle cold-box
  • LNG Storage
  • LNG Distribution and Vaporization
  • Fire Protection/Suppression
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD) System
  • Sitework and impoundment area, related electrical work,concrete pad, compressor building, piping, related instrumentation and fencing