Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Transformer Manufacturing Facility

Client: Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Project: Transformer Manufacturing Facility

Location: Memphis, TN

Market: Industrial Manufacturing

Delivery Method: EPC

Services Provided: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Project Size: 350,000 square feet

This state-of-the-art integrated facility features a unique product testing and commissioning area, manufacturing, barge and rail access, and employee and customer amenities.  The design incorporates sustainable design principles, including glass curtain walls to maximize natural light.  The site, building, infrastructure, and utilities are capable of manufacturing a total 10 GVA of capacity.

The facility is designed for the efficient and economical shipping of finished product with the option for rail, truck, and water/barge.  The project includes a new rail spur and a new bridge to cross an easement.  A new concrete dock supported with steel piles and a concrete sea wall includes a covered steel structures that houses a 500-ton crane for loading transformers onto barges.  The material handling approaches incorporate an external 500-ton crane and motorized transporters.

The project features "Parade Route" viewing areas and extended stay rooms for clients, guests and visitors.  Several large pieces of equipment reside in the testing hall, including step-up and step-down transformers, compensation reactors, potential transformers, current transformers, induction voltage regulator, impulse voltage regulator and 480V unit substation.  The testing facility performs temperature, dielectric, and applied voltage tests.