O'Neal To Construct Biorefinery Project

O'Neal To Construct Biorefinery Project


Greenville, SC – January 14, 2010 – O'Neal, Inc., a Greenville-based integrated design and construction firm, announced today it has been awarded a contract for the construction of new biorefinery demonstration facility in Georgia. The biorefinery is being developed through a partnership between Diamond Alternative Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valero Energy Corporation, and American Process, Inc. (API).

"Biofuels are clearly going to be a significant part of our nation's energy mix in the future," said Kevin Bean, O'Neal's President. "We are excited to be working with API, Diamond Alternative Energy and Valero Energy on this project."

The new demonstration plant will utilize proprietary biorefinery technology, developed by API, to produce cellulosic fuels and chemicals. According to API, an Atlanta-based leader in the development of biorefinery technologies, the demonstration plant will demonstrate that cellulosic biorefineries are feasible and economically viable for rapid commercialization.

According to Michael Howard, Senior Project Manager for O'Neal, O'Neal has already begun construction of the plant, which is expected to be operational during the first quarter of 2010. The facility is located in Thomaston, Georgia, and fills a void in a location that has lost jobs due to plant closings.