O'Neal Inc. to Work With Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. on a $200 Million Manufacturing Plant

O'Neal Inc. to Work With Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. on a $200 Million Manufacturing Plant

Memphis, TN – February 14, 2011 – O'Neal, Inc., a Greenville, SC-based integrated design and construction firm, announced today that it is working with Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI), based in Pittsburgh PA, to build a new grassroots power transformer and power components manufacturing plant in Memphis' Rivergate Industrial Port. O'Neal will provide Engineer-Procure-Construction (EPC) services for the $200 million project, which is expected to result in job creation, both in the company's Greenville headquarters and at the Memphis site.

"This announcement is the culmination of over a year and half worth of collaboration by both our respective companies. Through our planning and project development process we have worked with the MEPPI team to develop a world class transformer manufacturing facility for the 21st century and beyond," said Kevin Bean, O'Neal's President and CEO. "This facility is a major accomplishment for MEPPI, O'Neal, Memphis and the state of Tennessee. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to working with the local companies in the Memphis area."

Design and planning have already begun on the project, which is expected to break ground in Fall 2011. The new plant will start production in Spring 2013. The facility is approximately 350,000 square feet and features a unique product testing area, product flow, and customer features. The facility is designed to create a unique employee experience not common with typical large scale manufacturing facilities.

According to Brian Heery, President and CEO of MEPPI, O'Neal was selected for their comprehensive design, engineering and construction management services. "Keeping all phases of the design and construction with one company was a draw for us," Heery said. "O'Neal was able to provide a process for taking our goals of having a manufacturing facility of the 21 st century and marrying it with our proven technology and manufacturing expertise."

About O'Neal, Inc.:
O'Neal, Inc., is an integrated design and construction firm that specializes in project delivery. For 35 years, O'Neal has been successfully delivering capital projects in the automotive, pharmaceutical/biotech, process chemical, manufacturing, energy, and pulp and paper markets worldwide. The company, founded in 1975, has offices in Raleigh, NC, Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. For more information, please visit www.onealinc.de.

About Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc:
Headquartered in Warrendale, PA, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) is the US subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, responsible for serving the North American power systems, metals production, rail transportation and water treatment industries with electrical and electronic products, systems, and services. In addition, MEPPI's US-manufactured goods are exported to many customers around the world. Information on MEPPI's complete line of products and services can be found at www.meppi.com.

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