O'Neal Establishes Operations in Mexico

O'Neal Establishes Operations in Mexico

O'Neal announced today the company has formed a partnership with Beck Group to establish operations in Mexico.  Through the new initiative, O'Neal will provide planning, design, procurement and construction services for manufacturing clients in Mexico.

"We've seen a steady increase in demand for design and construction services from our clients in Mexico," said Kevin Bean, O'Neal, Inc. president and CEO.  "Our clients, particularly those in the automotive, consumer goods, and packaging industries, are investing in grassroots facilities, expansions and upfits for manufacturing operations in Mexico, and we have invested to meet their needs."

According to Bean, O'Neal has provided design services for international projects for years.  However, this new partnership will allow the company to provide more comprehensive services and deliver capital projects on an engineer-procure-construct (EPC) basis.

"The O'Neal-Beck Group Team can assist manufacturers with site evaluation through start-up, with an emphasis on design and installation of the manufacturing systems and utilities," Bean said.

A recent Boston Consulting Group report expressed confidence in Mexico's manufacturing sector, noting that manufacturing could add between $20 billion and $60 billion to Mexico's economy through 2018.  Recent announcements from BMW, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota and others is leading to capital investment in manufacturing facilities.

"Foreign investment in factories in Mexico is taking off again with many global companies locating significant manufacturing operations to Mexico," said Brian Gallagher, O'Neal's director of marketing.

According to Gallagher, the combination of trade agreements, low production costs, a skilled workforce, access to work markets and supply chains, are among the factors driving this capital investment in manufacturing facilities.

Beck Group has been offering construction services from its Mexico City office for more than 20 years, serving a broad range of commercial and industrial clients.  Beck's key team members are bilingual, allowing the firm to work seamlessly with Mexican and American clients.