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Sugarloaf Switch Facility

Market: Manufacturing
Delivery Method: EPC
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Services Provided:
Project Size: 23,000 square feet

O'Neal designed and constructed the Sugarloaf Switch Building for Verizon Wireless in Atlanta, GA. The 23,000-square-foot facility is located on a three-acre site. Existing trees surrounding the facility were preserved to help maintain a low profile from the street. The building, which houses a 10,000-square-foot switching equipment room, is constructed on a raised floor system and can expand in two directions to accommodate either additional electronics or employee space. A cell tower is also located on the southeast side of the site.

The building has a structural steel frame with a precast concrete exterior finish. It is designed for optimum security and shelter for the valuable and sensitive electronic equipment. Redundant mechanical and electrical systems are designed to keep equipment operational during emergencies or natural disasters. Two 1750 kW permanent generators provide redundant power to both switching equipment and the HVAC systems. Fire protection includes a FM200 system backed-up by a preaction wet pipe sprinkler system.